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Master Controls

Stop - stop all clips playing

Sync - resync all VJamm sync mode clips now!

Record / Render - Record your VJamm composition then render it into any video format installed in your system. (Pro Only)

Standby - Shut down VJamm to let you use other applications more easily

Trails - This is a global trail-on control to let your clips leave trails when you give them opacity / luma key. The slider adjusts the speed that the trails die back at.

Volume - VJamm master volume control and mute

Status - The status window tells you what VJamm's up to eg. Loading Clips ...


The Crossfade lets you do AV crossfades between any 2 clips. Drag clips from the thumbnails into the crossfade window and press enable to use the crossfade slider below. You can select whether to do an AV crossfade or just video or audio. Press Reset Clips to set the clips back to full volume and opacity within your mix.

The mini scratch sliders above the crossfade clips allow you to scratch your clips live within your selection area: so these sliders go from IN to OUT. You can set IN and OUT points for your clips using the main Clip Preview slider.


Load Clips - These are the clip loading options. Here you can set your default clip loading options eg. select the Sync Mode button to load all clips in Sync Mode. Keep Settings loads clips with all the parameters assigned to the slot you load the clip into - use this control with care.

Copy Clips - These settings define what happens when you drag from one thumbnail slot to another. VJamm can either copy just the clip, the clip and its settings, or just the settings from one clip to another.

Auto Patch Loading - Here you can set VJamm to automatically load the next patch from your current patch folder after a given time interval