VJamm 3 Help - Keystrokes

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Clip Letter on it's own - trigger clip
Alt + Clip letter to load clips
Ctrl + Clip Letter to bring up clip properties window.
Shift + Clip Letter to stop an individual clip playing

Ctrl + C Positions the current clip in the centre of the output window
Ctrl + . Positions all clips in the centre of the output window

P - Pause current clip

Number Keys - change pitch of current clip
Left & Right arrows - Backwards & Forwards on current clip
Up & Down arrows - fine control of pitch of current clip - up=faster
PageUp & PageDown - Coarse control of pitch of current clip

F1 - Help
F2 - Load VJP
F3 - Save VJP
F4 - Options Window

F5 - Record - Record a sequence for rendering - see rendering in readme file
F6 - Render - Render a recorded sequence - see rendering in readme file
F7 - Load Multiple Clips
F8 - Load Clips Full Screen
F9 - New Trigger Stops Clips

F11 - Bring Thumbnails Window to Front
F12 - Bring Display Window to Front

Shift + F12 - Bring the display window to top left of the Monitor where the Main
Window is

Ctrl + F4 - Go to Standby Mode - Frees up Windows for other applications
Ctrl + F11 - Bring Patch Window to Front
Ctrl + F12 - Bring all windows to top left of Monitor where the Main Window is

L - toggle loop on/off
; - toggle Triggered to Front on/off
O - toggle trails on/off
' - toggle 16 MIDI channels on/off
# - toggle PC Keyboard note off on/off
M - toggle FreeFrame effect on/off on current clip
N - toggle 3D billboard mode on/off on current clip
B - reset 3D position and movement of current clip
V - reset only 3D position of current clip
C - toggle Alpha Matte on/off on current clip
Z & \ - BPM Tap
/ - Sync
= (+) Jog VJamm Faster
- Jog VJamm Slower

[ - set in point
` - Clear Screen
Esc - Stop !
Backspace - reset in point to beginning of clip