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The Main Clip Thumbnail Controls

Here you can see a thumbnail image from each of the clips you have loaded into VJamm. The thumbnails play live as your clips roll through so you can see exactly what they're up to.

Underneath each clip a red progress bar shows where you are in your clips. Here also you can see which keys will trigger which clips, and press play, pause and stop on any individual clip.

You can see which clips are in sync mode from the little clip control panel under each clip's thumbnail. These also turn on and off BPM fit, FreeFrame, sync mode and 3d for that clip.

Auto - This is VJamm's automatic mode where clips play one after another through the patch. Press Random to automatically play clips in random order.

BPM - Here you can control the VJamm BPM fit system. Clips that are set to BPM will automatically be stretched to the BPM you enter here. You can use the Tap button to tap in a BPM eg. for DJ / VJing