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Welcome to VJamm Blueprint.

VJamm Blueprint is an intutive yet powerful visual improvisation tool, designed with live performance in mind.

It is an ideal tool for the VJ (Video Jockey) who wants to produce un-rehearsed visuals to accompany a DJ or band.

Our goal when producing Blueprint was to empower the performer to play and synthesize visuals in realtime with the same ease as an electronic keyboard player can with sounds. The feedback from people who are now using the software is encouraging - many have found themselves rapidly absorbed in the creative process, producing compelling, original effects simply by exploring the available settings.

VJamm Blueprint has been used in the field by working VJs throughout its development, and incorporates ideas and lessons learned from hundreds of hours of live performance. VJamm Blueprint therefore has many features of key importance to live performance: live video inputs, rock-solid playback, fast triggering, multiple video outputs etc....

However, VJamm Blueprint can also be used to generate source footage. Complex effects can be played with in realtime, and rendered out at the touch of a button when they look right. Video editors can save hours generating material this way.

Although VJamm Blueprint has been aimed primarily at the 'silent VJ', since audio is supported, it can also be used for Audio/Visual (A/V) performances. This is a field in which VJamm Blueprint's partner application, VJamm Pro, has a well established reputation.

So which should you buy? VJamm Blueprint or VJammPro? Or should you wait for a future, even better version of VJamm? Fortunately, you don't have to choose: when you buy VJamm, you receive a hardware key (dongle) which enables you to run VJamm Blueprint, VJamm Pro, A/V Scratch as well as *all future versions of VJamm procuded by Camart*. "You only buy it once".

System Requirements: Windows 2000 / XP, soundcard, OpenGL graphics card, DirectX 8.1, 128MB RAM, 1GHz processor.

The latest version of VJamm Blueprint is part of the VJamm 2.6 package, available from the VJamm Shop

To use VJamm Blueprint you will need a VJamm hardware key (a dongle).

Current dongle owners can, download the VJamm Blueprint installer here.

! Dongles purchased now will be valid for all future versions of VJamm produced by Camart!

If you would like to try out the software, you can download the Free Version of VJamm Blueprint.

VJamm Blueprint Camart Ltd.