VJamm Blueprint - VJ Software

Highlights of the main features in VJamm Blueprint.

Basic Features

  • 9 channel, 2 bus vision mixer
  • easy access to numerous parameters
  • context aware - displays relative controls to help you improvise
  • easy to use video and snapshot library
  • scan and import video files from whole directory trees
  • midi controllable (fully configurable)
  • automatic updates
  • high quality, low latency performance

Features useful to live performance
  • multiple live video inputs
  • spanned multiple video outputs, with optional preview window
  • practically unlimited output resolution
  • glitch free, stable framerate
  • very low latency triggering - plays like a musical instrument
  • scrolling text banners
  • beat-sync all clips
  • global speed control affects speed of all video, animations and fx
  • when adding files or switching video libraries, playback is uninterrupted
  • assign midi controls to multiple parameters

Powerful Effects Features
  • many hardware accelerated effects, which barely affect performance
  • unlimited FreeFrame effects on each channel
  • powerful snapshot system to save/recall all channel settings
  • snapshots recalled with very low latency (play them like an instument)
  • preview effects before introducing them
  • 3D objects and animations - 3D import tool coming soon!
  • design your own array patterns
  • 'hands free' mode automatically generates new compositions

Features useful to video editors
  • live 2D and 3D compositing
  • high quality output rendered on the fly
  • speedy, intuitive way to create complex effects
  • generate sequences synchronised to music
  • luma and chroma keying
  • interlaced output with optional alpha layer coming soon!

The latest version of VJamm Blueprint is part of the VJamm 2.6 package, available from the VJamm Shop

To use VJamm Blueprint you will need a VJamm hardware key (a dongle).

Current dongle owners can, download the VJamm Blueprint installer here.

! Dongles purchased now will be valid for all future versions of VJamm produced by Camart!

If you would like to try out the software, you can download the Free Version of VJamm Blueprint.

VJamm Blueprint Camart Ltd.