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VJamm Sound Mirrors Help - Clip Inspector

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VJamm - VJ Software - VJamm3 - Clip Inspector

The VJamm Clip Inspector gives you realtime control over your clips

Main - Here you have sliders to let you control the opacity, luma key, volume and speed of your clips. The Luma Blend slider lets you adjust the blend gradient of VJamm's full 8 bit alpha blended luma key for smoother keying and compositing effects. Inverse luma keys in from white rather than black.

Sync Mode is VJamm's built-in synchronisation system: clips in sync mode are automatically synced so they play in time. Use ReSync to keep clips of different lengths in time: ReSync does a global VJamm synchro at the end of this clip.

Chop is the classic VJamm chopper: your clip is chopped into eighths which are chosen at random. This is great for AV cutup and VJing as it does a mini live remix of your clip

In Point / Out Point are manual entry boxes for your loops

- The 2D tab of the Clip Inspector has sliders for changing the size and shape of your clips. Just drag with the mouse on the output monitor to position clips. Here you also have layer blending options, colour swap controls and clip size presets as well as manual entry for clip positions.

Alpha Matte - Here you can load an 8 bit greyscale bitmap onto your clip to give a static stencil or alpha matte. The bitmap can be any size but for precise control you should use bitmaps of the same size in pixels as your AVI. Black parts of the bitmap will translate into fully transparent when your clip plays, white parts will be fully visible (opaque). the grey scales in between allow you to do transparency washes, or interpolation on shapes.

- This tab gives access to OpenGL RealTime 3D functionality. Switch on the Enable BillBoard checkbox to make these sliders work. So long as your clip is bigger than 256x256 it can be flown around in 3D in large arrays. Try using opacity / luma and dieback trails.

- RealTime Video Effects are provided in VJamm by FreeFrame plugins.

There are hundreds of FreeFrame plugins that can be loaded into VJamm to apply different effects to your video clips. Each effect has a series of parameters that you can control live in the mix using the sliders in this tab or via MIDI.

FreeFrame is an open plugin system developed by VJamm and other VJ softwares to enable us to share video effects plugins around the VJ community.

FreeFrame 1.0 plugins should be placed in a plugins subdirectory of your VJamm .exe directory. VJamm will then attempt to load them when you start the program, and make them available to you in the FreeFrame tab.

VJamm lets you control 8 parameters on each FreeFrame effect. FreeFrame effects can be switched on and off using the Effect button, by using MIDI black note decimal 56 (Ab) or by pressing the M key on the PC Keyboard. You can also use the Wet/Dry slider and its MIDI controller mapping to fade between a fully effected version of your clip and the uneffected version.

The FreeFrame Plugin Monitor window gives access to programming information about the plugin in use - this is particularly intended for plugin developers.

For more info on FreeFrame, please visit www.freeframe.org

BPM - The BPM functions in VJamm allow you to automatically repitch clips to a particular BPM. To use this function, enter the number of beats that your clip is long, check the follow BPM box, and also check the auto follow BPM box in the Options window. When Auto Follow BPM is on, clips are imported with Follow BPM checked automatically, and they automatically follow changes you make to the VJamm global BPM. The BPM tab also contains other useful info about your clip - the calculated BPM, audio length, sample rate, no. video frames, FPS, and the number of frames per beat.

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