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VJamm3 - VJ Software

New !! VJamm 3 Standard is now on sale for £50 + Tax

VJamm3 Standard allows you to use all the live features of VJamm3 at up to 384x288 internal processing, but you can load your clips at any resolution up to 720x576. This represents amazing value for VJing and AV performance.

  • New VJ friendly interface - all you need on one screen
  • 16 channels of realtime a/v mixing
  • Full MIDI control for performance and production
  • Original native support for FreeFrame live video effects
  • Auto BPM clip stretching with perfect timebase
  • A/V mixer with OpenGL hardware acceleration

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VJamm Pro Online Shop

VJamm Pro is the ultimate VJ / AV / installation suite. VJamm Pro dongles give you access to all Camart VJamm products now and in the future:

VJamm 3 Pro - Broadcast resolution - HDTV - Projector multiplexing - Studio sequencing / rendering

VJamm Blueprint - 9 channels of live input - unlimited freeframe effects - live 3D animation compositing with 3D studio import

VJPro - Perception PVR compatability

AVScratch - The first ever AV scratching application

The VJamm Pro suite costs GBP299 + Tax + Delivery. You can choose to process your transaction in GB Pounds, Euros or US Dollars. All major cards are accepted, including most debit cards. The VJamm Pro Online Shop uses the WorldPay secure transaction system.

Please note that VJamm Pro dongles purchased now are valid for all future versions of VJamm.

For alternative methods of payement, or for more information, please contact us at vjpro@camart.co.uk

Quantity discounts and retail arrangements available on request.

Please enter the number of VJamm Pro dongles that you would like to get a price for, and the Country that you would like them delivered to.

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