VJamm 2.6 Pro


VJamm 2 allows you to load media clips into any of the 16 clipslots in the Thumbnails widow by clicking on the black boxes. You can then trigger your clips live on PC keys Q-I & A-K and via MIDI with very low latency and perfect looping.

The 16 clipslots play video on 16 audiovisual layers. Clips can be positioned and controlled via the VJamm interface and in realtime with the PC keys & via MIDI.

There are a large range of live effects and controls that you can perform on your clips. See the Functions, Keystrokes, MIDI and FreeFrame tabs of this Help page for full instructions.

The preferred format for clips in VJamm is AVI files under 1 Gb in size. VJamm will also load more heavily compressed media clips like mpegs, but due to the temporal compression in these clips realtime VJ perfomance is reduced.

If you use VJamm in your work, we would very much appreciate it if you could credit VJamm on your website, production credits etc.