VJamm 2.6 Pro


RealTime Video Effects are provided in VJamm by FreeFrame plugins.

FreeFrame is an open plugin system developed by VJamm and other VJ softwares to enable us to share video effects plugins around the VJ community.

For plugin downloads and the latest FreeFrame information, please visit the VJamm FreeFrame Page at vjamm.com

FreeFrame 1.0 plugins should be placed in a plugins subdirectory of your VJamm exe directory. VJamm will then attempt to load them when you start the program, and make them available to you in the FreeFrame tab of the AVI info window (right click on loaded AVIs to get the AVI info window)

VJamm lets you control 8 parameters on each FreeFrame effect. These can be modified in realtime for each clip via the sliders in the AVI info window, or they can be mapped to MIDI controllers in the Controllers Assign box in the MIDI Controls window.

FreeFrame effects can be switched on and off using the Effect checkbox in the AVI info window, by using MIDI black note decimal 56 (Ab) or by pressing the M key on the PC Keyboard. If you have the PeteMixer.dll plugin in your plugins directory you can also use the Wet/Dry slider and its MIDI controller mapping to fade between a fully effected version of your clip and the uneffected version.

VJamm can load 24bit and 32bit freeframe plugins - the plugins folder is scanned on program startup.

The debug info window gives access to programming information about the plugin in use - this is particularly intended for plugin developers.