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VJamm supports the FreeFrame video effects plugin standard, giving access to and ever increasing number of VJ effects. Also, using PeteFreeChain you can create your own effects by linking up existing effects and saving out your new plugin.

To use FreeFrame in VJamm you need to make sure you have an up to date version - see the downloads page (you can use the demo version if you don't have a dongle). The demo with Clips and Plugins has some plugins in it already for you to try out, or you can download / swap / buy plugins and put them in your VJamm plugins folder.

VJamm FreeFrame plugins should always be in a plugins subfolder of the folder where the VJamm exe is.

Plugin Downloads

Petes Plugins v1.14
- Pete Warden's classic set of 45 MMX optimised Open Source FreeFrame plugins - this is included in the VJamm 3 installer

IntrinsicFX - 200 plugins available for purchase individually or as a bundle from Thomas Hellesen

inside-us-all freeframe plugins - 50+ plugins from Dave inside-us-all

Syzygy Strip Show - a set of 17 free plugins from Syzygy Visuals
Hold On.. Wait a Minute - a further 10 Syzygy FreeFrame plugins for 10 pounds

Resolume Plugins - 15 effects plugins and 3 source (visual synth) plugins by Eddy
Eddy's AsciiArt plugin - makes video into the fonts on your windows

BigFug - Some very exciting stuff here - watch out for Big Fug!
Big Fug FF1.0 plugins - 18 FF CPU plugins by Alex May
PatchBox - Very interesting creation from Alex including Winamp AVS support

MadreManya Plugins - 2 plugins by Eloi and me (Russell)

Alice Homeostat - a homeostatic colour cycling plugin

Tantric Plugins - 2 plugins from Tantric Billy

Many different FreeFrame effects exist in the Open Source community, and software development kits are available to develop your own. Please visit freeframe.org for more info.

FreeFrame After Effects Host

The FreeFrame AfterEffects Host allows you to load FreeFrame plugins into After Effects so you can render up compositions / VJ clips with FreeFrame effects in them. And guess what - it's another Pete Warden production! This is hot off the press right now for FreeFrame 1.0, so there may be bugs lurking in there.

Pete's After Effects FF plugger - Right click on this link to save the AE FF Host to your hard drive.

Installing FreeFrame effects in AE:
- Find your AfterEffects Plug-ins folder
- Make a new folder there called FreeFrame
- Put Pete's After Effects Host there - FreeFrameHost.aex
- Put some FreeFrame plugins there next to it
- Start up After Effects - you will find a new option - Pete's Plugins - on the Effect Menu
- Click on that and select the FreeFrame Host
- You now have a FreeFrame effect loaded up - you can select your FreeFrame plugins in there.

Pete Free Chain

Pete Free Chain is a visual drag and drop environment for everyone to be able to make their own plugins in, simply by chaining up existing plugins. The plugins you make like this can then be loaded into VJamm in the normal way.

Pete Free Chain download:

Pete Free Chain info:
- right click in the composition area to load up some plugins and freeframe parameters
- join the inputs and outputs up to get yourself a video effects chain
- join up some parameters to get yourself some parameters on your new plugin
- go file - save as to save your composition out as a freeframe plugin
PeteFreeChain works with Petes Plugins and the MadreManya plugins. It can also work with new plugins made by other people - see the developer section below for info. PeteFreeChain also gives us access to some TZT plugins, as these now load into PeteFreeChain. You can find some TZT plugins at: esotic.com

Note: At the moment PeteFreeChain plugins need the plugins they are made from to stay in the same place or they stop working. Many of us have been keeping all our FreeFrame plugins (including freechain plugins) in C:\Program Files\VJammPro\plugins - This means that your plugins will always be in the right place, and it also means that we can swap freechain plugins betwen each other.

See the VJamm Group for more info and the latest developments
VJamm group on Yahoo

FreeFrame Website - Pete Warden's Website


FreeFrame is an open standard that we set up to make it possible for develpers to make plugins very easily that will work in a large number of different VJ applications. We have published sample projects for Delphi, MSVC, GCC and other environments that compile to give you a simple plugin. Also, most of the FreeFrame plugins that you can download above are open source, so you can see how it's done. FreeFrame development is hosted by SourceForge, the open source movement's dev. HQ. To find out more about FreeFrame development, please visit the FreeFrame SourceForge site:

All the open source code that we have collectively produced is stored up there in CVS. You can browse the latest versions of our code on the web, or get code and binary downloads at the sourceforge site. We also have the public FreeFrame forums and lots more up there.

Making Plugins for use in VJamm:
VJamm supports both 32bit and 24bit plugins, but not 16bit only plugins.
For the moment, VJamm always uses ProcessFrame - the simpler 'in place' frame processing.

Making plugins to work in FreeChain:
FreeChain needs plugins to support 32bit operation (RGB32), and to support the ProcessFrameCopy system. Plugins built on the CPlugin sample will work in PeteFreeChain, but do test them all the way if that's what you're particuarly interested in. The plugins that FreeChain makes do work in VJamm though, as FreeChain takes the ProcessFrameCopy stuff and makes a plugin that does ProcessFrame so it works in all FreeFrame hosts.


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