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VJamm 2.6
is a realtime AudioVisual sample player featuring extremely fast response times via OpenGL and DirectSound with MIDI support and 16 simultaneous channels of AV with live effects.

Visit these features pages to find out more:

Realtime clip control - FreeFrame - MIDI - Transportable Patches - Video Output

Or click on the screen shot below:

VJamm Screenshot

VJamm 2.6 is polyphonic - all 16 clips can be positioned freely around the screen & any number can be playing at once. Size and aspect ratio can be adjusted for each clip, and you can use the mouse or a MIDI XY controller like the Korg Kaoss Pad to move clips around the screen in realtime. Each of the 16 video layers can have a variety of effects under full realtime control. All parameters are MIDI controllable for live use or sequencing.

DirectShow Rendering allows you to produce finished synched AVIs of VJamm2 compositions prepared on an external midi sequencer. VJamm2 will render into any DirectShow AVI codec installed on your Windows system.

On the VJamm Pro Downloads Page you can get the latest demo version of VJamm 2.6, which has built in help.

You may also like to check out the VJamm 2.6 Online Help and the Review of VJamm 2.5 at VJCentral

... and these streaming demo videos featuring Matt Black:
VJamm Pro demonstration
Coldcut AV VJamm set rundown
VJamm Audio Visual Scratching demo
These require Real Player - Download Real Player

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